Notes from a knowledge junkie

“Caine’s Arcade”

I just saw this video today. It’s definitely worth ten minutes of your life.

This man, Nirvan Mullick, obviously appreciated something special when he saw it–something many others before him had not taken the chance to appreciate themselves.

What Nirvan saw was a little boy, Caine, use his curiosity and his precocious genius to make an arcade out of cardboard. And he became Caine’s very first customer. But that wasn’t enough. Nirvan then used his talents as a filmmaker to showcase the arcade and its creator. In the process, he also organized a “flash mob” to surprise Caine, bringing joy and encouragement to a child whose vision was so clearly worth celebrating.

For his choice to use his talent, energies, and skills to make the world a better place–not only for one special little boy, but for those of us touched by his story–Nirvan Mullick gets a


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